Handmade White Vinyl White Accent Chair For Kids or Pets Photo Props, Accent Furniture, And Etc.

$199.99 (as of September 18, 2018, 4:12 am)

Kids accent chair
White Vinyl
Solid wood


Hi welcome to the “BEST HOME DECORATORS” we have the largest furniture warehouse with 50,000 sqft of furniture. We sell the best quality furniture from Italy, if you ask for it you got it with the best price guaranteed. Our job is to make you happy with the furniture in your home, and we have 20 years of experience doing just that. Everything is brand new and high quality merchandise. You can contact us toll free at 1-800-901-4895, or my cell at 917-775-5743, and you can visit our warehouse at 140 58th st. Brooklyn NY 11220. We are open from 10am-6pm Sunday-Thursday, Friday from 10am-4pm, and Saturday we are closed. Call us today to get the “BEST HOME DECORATORS” for your home!!! Description: Gorgeous solid wood accent chair for kids birthday party, accent furniture, and even photo props!! Features acrylic tufting and vinyl fabric Dimensions: 27″H, 20″W, 18″D Please feel free to contact me anytime Thanks!
Kids accent chair
White Vinyl
Solid wood
Gold finish
Photo props

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